Flags flying above the Council Chamber at Hamilton City Hall. Credit: Joey Coleman

Vito Sgro has resigned his appointment on Infrastructure Ontario’s Board of Directors, clearing the last hurdle before he can officially declare his expected candidacy for Mayor of Hamilton.
Sgro has openly discussed his consideration of seating the Mayor’s Chair.
The resignation became public last week when the public appointments listing of the Government of Ontario was updated following the provincial election.
Sgro’s appointment to the Infrastructure Ontario (IO) Board was until July 2019.
By convention, a person with a provincial appointment such as the IO cannot run for municipal office while holding the appointment.
As well, late Thursday evening, someone registered the domains VitoSgro.com and VitoSgro.ca; further indication that Sgro’s registration is likely imminent.
Thus far, other than incumbent Fred Eisenberger who registered for re-election in May, no other potential candidate with proven campaign organization abilities and known ability to raise political donations has indicated a desire to run for Mayor.
Sgro is a Partner with CBM Chartered Accountants LLP. Previously, Sgro was a member of the HECFI Board of Directors, and a member of the Hamilton Port Authority.  A relatively unknown figure outside of political circles, Sgro has been a successful Liberal party organizer for over 30 years in East Hamilton.
Sgro holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario.