The Public Record is compiling a list of issues that matter in the 2018 municipal election. We invite you to submit your issues to us by email:
We will list issues on this page that we’re working on, once we’ve produced a summary of the issue, the issue will be linked to a separate page which will list candidate positions on the issue.

City Wide Issues

  • Trust in Government
  • Quality of Government
    • Council Attendance and Quorum
    • Canada’s Worst Municipal Freedom of Information Office
  • Light Rail Transit
  • Affordable Housing
  • Development Charges By-Law Renewal
  • Opioid Crisis
  • Transit
    • The HSR Transit Crisis
    • Area Rating in Transit
  • Complete and Safe Streets
    • Vision Zero
    • 30km/h Speed Limit
  • Policing and Public Safety
  • Women in City Hall Leadership
  • Diversity in Municipal Civil Servant
  • Air Quality
  • Secondary and Community Planning
    • Elfrida Growth Plan
    • Growth on Rymal Road
  • Secondary Suites & Laneway Housing
  • Ice Arenas
  • Downtown Entertainment Facilities
  • Social Services
  • Roads Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Deficit
  • Paying for the Cost of Growth
  • City Hall Red Tape
  • Mayor’s Hydro Merger Pay Increase
  • Waterfront Trust Issues
  • Councillor Discretionary Funds
  • Secondary Plans
  • Growth Nodes
  • Citizen Engagement at City Hall
  • Town and Gown Relations
  • Post-Secondary Graduate Retention
  • Prayer at City Council

Ward and Area Specific Issues

Ward 2
  • James Baptist Church Minor Alternation Permit
Wards 9 to 11
  • Stoney Creek Ice Arena Renewable / Replacement
Ward 13
  • Public Alleyways