Hamilton City Hall

Tuesday morning, Council’s Affordable Housing Sub-Committee voted unanimously to endorse a staff listing of city owned properties to be sold to fund affordable housing development in Hamilton.
Funds from the sales will be placed in a reserve fund that is earmarked for affordable housing.
The City’s criteria for selling, its conditions for developer purchase, and the overall plan have all be declared “confidential” by Councillors and will not be made public.
The list of sites, only the list, will be made public after Council ratifies the plan in January.
Within the clauses declaring the report is confidential, some sites are specifically referred to be letters. One of the sites is referred to as site “R”, this indicates at least 18 sites on the list.
The meeting was quick, only five minutes.
Councillors Collins, Conley, Green, and Pearson voted in favour. Farr was absent.