Disclosure Statement: Architects for this project are DPAI, there are housed in The Seedworks Urban Offices where The Public Record rents desk space.
Ward 9 Councillor Doug Conley led Council in approving CONNECT communities application to build a six-unit 42-bed residential care facility for persons with brain injuries or recovering from stroke.
The facility will be built at 26 Upper Mount Albion Road, intersection of Rymal Road, in Upper Stoney Creek.
Councillors were very supportive of the application, with only a few questions. Ward 11’s Brenda Johnson asked if the development has retained geological engineers due to the karsts in that area of Upper Stoney Creek, staff responded they have.
Some nearby residents wrote letters to Council opposing the development. They expressed concerns that individuals with Acquired Brain Injury would be safety risks to the community due to “mental issues”, addiction, and aggression. Staff responded to these concerns by noting the applicant has 23 years of experience and the ability to manage these issues in the community.
The facility will have six staff minimum on duty at all times, and up to 36 during the day.
Nearby residents stated their property values would decrease. Staff responded in their report they are not “aware of any empirical data that would support that claim”.
The facility is now subject to Site Plan review by City planning staff.