Ward 5 Councillor Chad Collins successfully moved that the City purchase the home at 18 Sinclair Court despite a staff recommendation to not purchase, and an engineering report stating that erosion issues on the property – which backs onto the Red Hill Valley – were not the fault of the City.
City staff hired Terraprobe Inc to produce a slope stability assessment on the property.
City staff state: “[Terraprobe’s] report identifies that the stablility problem relates to the placing of fall at the top of the slope, potentially at the time of construction of the home”.
“The slope location is well away from the Red Hill Valley Parkway and was not impacted in any way by the Parkway construction nor by any other activity in the Red Hill Valley. No changes have been made by the City to the slope at this location. Risk Management has confirmed that the City in not negligent in any way and is not responsible for any remedial work necessary to protect the property at 18 Sinclair Court”.
Despite the staff report, Collins argued that the City should purchase the property at market value, stating the owner is an older woman who has lived there her whole life, and that it is a very emotional issue for the owner.
There are other properties along the Red Hill Valley that may face similar erosion issues due to similar fill. Council will consider purchasing them in the future if they encounter similar non-City caused erosion issues.