0 thoughts on “"Affordable Housing" Pitch Proposes Rents 20% Above CMHC Market Rates

  1. Housing is so bad that residents that are on assistance are having to move in with their parents(adults) or even some moving in with other relatives because they do not have enough money to be independent which in turn goes hand in hand with mental illness(depression, anxiety etc). There should be a way that although needing the assistance of the government shouldn’t leave a person near homelessness or homeless. So much goes into every other thing where City council should have people of lesser means sit on it so they can get first hand perspective. I may be wrong but I don’t believe any have had to struggle like some of the people that live within the City. The struggle is real and for some it is just too much

  2. I have lived in Hamilton for 25 years and I have never seen the rental market so expensive..I’m a single mom working two jobs and can barely afford rent, try raising kids and still afford food, clothing etc..

  3. Hamilton Council could take action by making inclusionary zoning mandatory. The province handed the tools to the municipalities as a voluntary measure. Why not demand it be mandatory and set a rate of 20%? Would be a good thing to raise as an election issue maybe?