Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill & Bar is officially closed for renovations, and that’s what the signs on the windows of the restaurant at 28 James Street North say.
They are also in arrears for their monthly rent to the City of Hamilton.
Rom D’Angelo, the City’s Director of Facilities, confirmed to The Public Record there is arrears for rent. He states the City has not closed the facility, and the decision to close at present is the choice of the tenant.
D’Angelo stressed the City has two letters of credit as part of the lease, and those letters of credit ensure the City will receive the owed rent. He declined to provide the amount of arrears, citing privacy regulations.
D’Angelo says the City is in discussions with Wendel Clark’s corporate headquarters about the future of the location, providing the same information about plans as published in TheSpec last week.
He says the corporate headquarters is committed to the site, and will be renovating to reopen, as they see the potential of the location along the growing King William restaurant area.
The public washroom remain open to the general public.