Council’s Public Works Committee meets Monday to discuss the state of Hamilton’s roads, selling part of an alley in Beasley, the Kay Drage Park Trail, and a citizen delegation asking for bike infrastructure on Sydenham Road.
The full agenda is here, and The Public Record will post a recording of the meeting as soon as possible after its completion. The meeting starts at 9:30am.
Update: Here’s the full video of the meeting

State of Hamilton’s Roads and Financial Planning to Maintain Them

Hamilton’s roads are, on average, average, says a staff report ahead of a presentation regarding new provincial regulations that require the City to complete and submit a detailed plan for infrastructure upkeep and renewal.
The City needs to spend $52.1-million per year just to keep City roads in their current average (and all too often poor) shape, Council is only spending $25.5-million per year.

Closure and Sale of Portion Public Unassumed Alley Abutting 222 Barton, 263 and 265 Wellington

A developer who owns the former Tim Hortons, Kenesky Sports on Barton, and a property at 263 Wellington is seeking to purchase the alleyway abutting the properties to include in a planned development.
Neighbours are opposed to the sale because they use the alley to access their properties, and they showed up to City Hall in 2016 to express their opposition.
Staff are recommending the sale, saying residents can still access the alley from the Robert street.

Kay Drage Park Trail

A staff report includes a proposed agreement between the Catholic School Board and the City to facilitate the legalization and improvement of an existing unofficial trail connecting the rear of the Christ the King School / Cathedral grounds with Kay Drage Park which runs alongside and east of Highway 403.

Delegated Authority for Special Event Road Closures

Staff will be granted authority to grant road closures for special events, the only restriction is that the closure must be consented to be the local feudal lord Ward Councillor. So, while officially the delegated authority of Council is to staff, the practice will be the authority will be vested in the feudal lord Ward Councillor

Bike Lanes on Sydenham Road

Cycle Hamilton is pushing for a bike lane on the Sydenham Road mountain access in Dundas. Erin Kennedy and Benita van Mittenburg are scheduled to delegate to Council on this matter.