Council’s meets as Board of Health to plan the Public Health work plan priorities for 2017, and prioritize their outstanding business.
The full agenda is here, and The Public Record recorded the entire meeting:

2017 Public Health Department Work Plan Priorities

Public Health senior managers are setting three priorities for 2017: Health System Integration, Poverty Reduction, and internal workplace culture improvement.
There will be a full presentation to Council on these priorities.

Public Health Committee Outstanding Business List

In a rare release, the outstanding business list is public. The City Clerk has restricted public access to Council outstanding business lists this term. There are presently 30 items on the list.

Review of Public Health Services in Public Schools

Councillor Judi Partridge has a motion for Public Health to conduct a full review of their services in the city’s elementary and secondary schools. Following the review, staff are expected to bring a report to Council, including a focus on child mental health services.

Kingston Calls for 20% Tax on Sugar Beverages

Kingston’s City Council – sitting as Board of Health in October – passed a motion calling on the province to implement a 20% tax on sugary beverages. They’ve written Hamilton Council – sitting as Board of Health – asking for Hamilton Council to adopt a motion of support.
The proposed 20% tax is requested to be directed to supporting healthy eating programs offered by public health units.