Council’s Capital Projects Work-In-Progress Sub-Committee meets September 30th to discuss the status of hundreds of Public Works capital projects.
The City does not make agendas for non-standing committees publicly available on the Internet. Apparently, they haven’t discovered the upload button in their Drupal CMS backend.
The members of this committee are: Collins, Conley, B. Johnson, Partridge, Pearson, and the Whitehead.
The meeting begins at 1:30pm in Room 192 at City Hall.

Agenda Packages

Projects of Note

Gage Park Tropical House renewal project – budgeted at $3-million – is expected to go to tender by end of the year.
Central Park Remediation – this project is supposed to be underway in the next few weeks. Budgeted at $3.16-million, the project will include addressing contamination found in the north portion of the park.
City Hall Renovations – the ongoing renovations of City Hall, caused by cutting corners on the 2010 renovation project to declare that renovation “on-time, on-budget” continue. The later project was making City Hall accessible for persons with wheelchairs. The installation of accessible doors cost approximately $390,000 – $85,000 over the original budget of $305.000.
HSR Customer Service Software – The capital budget lines say the HSR has spent $600,000 on new customer service software with a $720,000 budget for customer service software. The staff report says they will need more than $720,000.
City Hall Structural Rehabilitation – The capital budget lines says the City is budgeting $880,000 for a “City Hall structural rehabilitation tender”.