The Hamilton Cycling Committee split into working groups during their August meeting, one of the groups discussed cycling routes and infrastructure in the suburban and rural areas of Hamilton.
One of the committee meetings hails from Waterdown and discussed the challenge of crossing Provincial Highway 6 safely in Flamborough. She noted that she must now cross the highway to get to the library after the closing of the Millgrove branch in favour of a much larger and fuller service Waterdown location.
With the increase in population in Flamborough, and the promotion of recreational cycling in the Greenbelt and along the Escarpment, there are more cyclists attempting to cross the ever busier Highway 6.
Presently, Centre Road is the only safe crossing point. The issue is highlighted by the death this weekend of a cyclist on Highway 5 in Waterdown. The cyclist was a season farm worker, and many of these workers rely upon cycling as their primary means of accessing services and shopping.
The committee identified this as an issue for consideration as staff review the Cycling Master Plan.
I ask, could the new Highway 6 & 5 interchange at Clappison’s Corners include a pedestrian and cycling underpass?
Note: Mayor Fred Eisenberger attended the meeting and participated in discussions, including a detailed discussion on Central Avenue cycling, the Mayor uses this road when biking to City Hall.