Hamilton’s Committee of Adjustment will hear 23 variance applications during its first meeting of August. Here are some of the applications that drew the attention of The Public Record’s Joey Coleman.
(Note: Variance applications are often vague and without a full history of a project, it is easy for an observer to miss a file of note that is well known to neighbours of the project)

178 & 180 Valleyview Drive, Ancaster

(page 23 of 122)  — APPROVED
A severance application in older Ancaster, this file could see opposition from neighbours and the Ward Councillor Lloyd Ferguson due to a desire to retain the large lot sizes of older parts of Ancaster. The Committee of Adjustment has turned down severances in Ancaster, upholding the letter of the official plan.
In this severance, one lot has a frontage of 17.9m and the other 16.4m, the official plan sets a minimum of 18.0m. One lot will have a northerly side yard of 1.1m instead of the required 1.5m.
This hearing is scheduled for 1:35 p.m.

116 Arnold Street, Hamilton

(page 51 of 122) — TABLED for clarification of variances
One block east of McMaster University, the owner of this single family house is requesting a variance to “convert the existing attached garage into living space for the existing single family dwelling”.
The primary variance is for parking. Ward 1 Councillor Aidan Johnson has been strongly opposed to increased student housing in Ainslie Wood, there have not been enough files this term in Westdale to determine a pattern for how the Councillor handles student housing to the east of campus.
I’ll attend this hearing at 2:20 p.m.

114 Emerson Street, Hamilton

(page 65 of 122) – APPROVED variances 1 to 4. 5 to 7 denied.
A few blocks south of McMaster University, the owner of this property is seeking to legalize existing site conditions by the “establishment of a two (2) family dwelling within the existing building” which is student housing.
Ward 1 Councillor Aidan Johnson has opposed expansion of student housing in Ainslie Wood, however, this is an existing student house. It remains to be seen if he’ll make a representation on this file.
I’ll be a this 2:30 p.m. hearing.

500, 502 – 512 James Street North

(page 73 of 122) — TABLED at request of applicant.
At the corner of James and Picton, Hughson Street Baptist Church is partnering with Indwell to build an affordable housing project.
The Church is seeking variances to allow for the building of 42 affordable units. The official planning terminology is lodgers. The rooms will include individual bathroom facilities.
Attached to the building will be a “gymanatorium” for the existing church which is housed in a commercial plaza that once housed the Picton branch of the Hamilton Public Library.
This hearing is scheduled for 2:35 p.m.