Council’s AF&A committee meets for one report on their July agenda – the budget variance report as of April 30, 2016.
Overall, the city budget is expected to be 0.2% above budget at year end. Staff state:

Primary contributors to this negative variance are the projected deficits in Corporate Financials/Non Program Revenues -$2.3 M, Public Works -$2.4 M, City Manager -$244 K, Farmer’s Market -$137 K, and Public Health Services -$118 K. Partially offsetting the deficit are savings in Capital Financing $3.1 M, Corporate Services $388 K, Planning and Economic Development $181 K and Community and Emergency Services $98 K.

Of particular note, the HSR is expecting to be $1.6-million over budget due to $1.1-million in lower than expected fare collection and a half-million in increase parts costs. The Public Record is following this up, and published a story on this variance.
The Public Record is not broadcasting this meeting as it is at the same time as the Development Industry Liaison Group discussion on inclusionary zoning.