In a surprise twist, Hamilton City Council will debate if they will reaffirm support or turn down provincial funding for Light Rail Transit during their Council GIC meeting on Wednesday, May 18.
This comes after Councillors voted to defer a vote on a motion by Sam Merulla supporting the LRT project.
Merulla moved his motion and spoke to it. As soon as Merulla was done introducing the motion, Partridge moved to close the debate and defer the motion until the May 18 Council General Issues Committee.
Nine Councillors voted for the deferral – Collins, Conley, Jackson, B. Johnson, Partridge, Pasuta, Skelly, and Whitehead. Six, all supporters of LRT, voted against the deferral – Eisenberger, Farr, Ferguson, Green, A. Johnson, and Merulla.
With that, Council will be in a position on Wednesday where they may vote down the project and decline the provincial funding.
The Public Record will broadcast Wednesday’s meeting live, in its entirety.