0 thoughts on “Hamilton City Council Light Rail Transit Committee for May 2, 2016

  1. Councillor Green’s assertion at 2:46:00 that there is a 1 Billion Dollar Return on Investment is misleading at best. If the initial capital investment of 1 Billion that he’s confusing with a return is spent without the proper due diligence, it will saddle the city with costs well into the future. That would be considered a negative return on investment by most definitions… and that’s what the suburban residents and representatives are trying to understand.

  2. Yes this is a big gamble.it,s to much
    the core.take a ride going east. It’s already developed.Ending at queenston traffic circle gives the rider
    a few options , get your eye’s checked
    buy a car , buy booze, buy a car or sit
    At Tim Horton’s waiting for a bus.
    Does not look so good going east.
    Should have went to eastgate.

  3. A billion dollars is a lot of money but
    if it,s wrong it,s wrong .L.R.T.serves only the downtown core. Amalgamation has increased Hamilton’s population from 317000
    too over 500000. Transit has not caught up with transit needs in this
    Expanded city.We just have to look
    At Boffalo N.Y.There water front has
    become a place to go.There L.R.T. is a
    Failure.No BUFFALO reps.were invited
    to a city of Hamilton,s trasit meeting.
    The reason it would be negative.

  4. Other puplic meeting on L.R.T.May 10
    2016 .Poor turnout ,when asked do you support L.R.T. All ten said NO .
    Support at other public meetings
    showed the same lack of support for
    L.R.T.Simly put THIS IS WHAT Wynne