0 thoughts on “Hamilton City Council GIC for May 18, 2016 [LRT Decision Day … Again]

  1. Hi Joey,
    Is this being discussed under item 5.1 b)? It’s not under motions. I want to send a letter on behalf of the DNA.

  2. This is correct, it is item 5.1b. You can still submit a letter or present a delegation.

  3. The mayor tell,s council when L.R.T. is
    done buses will be spread around the
    rest of the city.Metrolinx will have
    express buses connecting to L.R.T.
    points.What buses?Who,s paying?
    Who maintained them?Who maintains
    express lanes?Will H.S.R.buses share
    lanes with express buses?Will this hold
    up local service? If there is a breakdown with L.R.T.Will those buses
    that are elsewhere now be pulled off
    their routes?Ridership will suffer.