Mayor Fred Eisenberger's Telephone Town Hall – April 25, 2016

Mayor Fred Eisenberger is holding a telephone town hall with 50,000 local landline users invited.
Full Replay.

0 thoughts on “Mayor Fred Eisenberger's Telephone Town Hall – April 25, 2016

  1. Is there any way that I can leave a question for them? I’m not on the call, and just listening to your broadcast.

    • Sorry, I have nothing to do with the Town Hall, I’m broadcasting the audio from my phone to make it accessible to more people.

  2. What a total load of crap. They call you first to screen your question and if, as with me, they don’t like the question, you spend the next two or three hours waiting for the opportunity to ask it – to no avail. I would still like them to explain how it serves ANYBODY well to spend the millions (over and above the province’s promised 1 billion) in order to install a “LRT” system which is NOT a train system and does no more than replace or duplicate ONLY A PORTION OF the existing B-Line bus system at the admitted expense of all of the businesses which will will be effectively destroyed during the construction period and, if the “LRT” stops are 1 km apart, forever after. I have seen the devastation of this stupidity wreaked in Toronto. Just because the province dangles a shiny thing above the city’s head it doesn’t mean that shiny thing is a good thing.