Council’s Governance Committee (responsible for accountability and transparency) meet to discuss municipal proclamations in Hamilton, a ban on corporate and union donations to municipal candidates, remote online attendance for Councillors to vote at meetings, and resignation from the Farmers’ Market Board which lead to a debate on term limits for citizen committees.
Council voted to get a more detailed staff report on municipal proclamations, voted to take no action on banning union or corporation donations, asked for staff to further research remote online attendance in meetings, accepted – with reservations – the resignation from the Farmers’ Market Board, and asked for a future staff report on limiting citizen appointees to committees to two successive council terms (8 years).
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More in-depth:
There is a more in-depth The Public Record story from this meeting on the Farmers’ Market Board and Citizen Committee Term Limits:
Councillor’s Call Farmers’ Market Board Behaviour “Reprehensible”, Move to Study Citizen Committee Term Limits