0 thoughts on “Ottawa Provides Model for Election Compliance Cmte Appointments in Hamilton

  1. While the committe in Ottawa May have been better structured, with more experience, the outcome is still problematic.
    The whole process revolves around a thorough compliance audit. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and the committee was left to make their decision to prosecute based on audits that were kindly described as lacking.
    Also, don’t forget that though the committee decided to pursue charges against one candidate it doesn’t mean the city will follow through with the prosecution.
    They may hire a prosecutor (of their choosing) and then refuse to prosecute based advice they receive from that person. They committee as qualified as they are, are now cut out if the picture.
    Will the City move forward with a prosecution of the Deputy Mayor?
    I doubt it, as this situation happened before in Ottawa. The public school board hired their own lawyer, and then refused to prosecute, despite the committee’s decision, and an audit that confirmed the violations.