There are no take backs this time, Hamilton’s Chief of Police Glenn De Caire is retiring – a month after a hard fought battle to continue as Chief.
De Caire’s retirement is effective Sunday, January 17, 2016.
He is leaving policing to become the next Director of Parking and Security Services at McMaster University.
De Caire previously announced his retirement in September 2013 before rescinding the decision in 2014. The Board granted him a contract extension subject to a one-year review.
The review occurred in November of this year, and the result was a 7-0 Police Board decision to extend De Caire for two years.
In an open letter to the community posted on the Hamilton Police Service website, De Caire writes:

It has been an honour to serve you.  The gift I have received has been my career and the privilege I have had has been the ability to serve the people of Hamilton and our members.  I am humbled to have been able to partake in this incredible journey for almost 36 years and as your Chief of Police since 2009.