It’s only 15 seconds partially preserved video of the incident where Councillor Ferguson violently grabbed journalist Joey Coleman, but it is clear enough to prove the Basse Report false, to prove Councillor Ferguson was unjustified in his use of physical violence, that Coleman was standing where he should be in City Hall – the public foyer outside the media room -, and that Councillor Ferguson violated the City’s Zero Tolerance for Violence Policy.
Here’s description of the video from a outside party, Ryan McGreal of Raise The Hammer:

In the video, which runs for only 15 seconds and has no audio, Councillor Ferguson is seen walking up to City Communications Manager Mike Kirkopoulos and former Ward 9 Councillor Brad Clark to talk to them, while Coleman is walking into the lobby.
Coleman walks up to the group, and immediately Ferguson turns around to his left, leans forward, grabs Coleman’s left shoulder with his right hand and pushes him backwards. Coleman’s foot slides from the force of the push.
Ferguson starts to move away, and then swings back around and points his finger twice in Coleman’s face before the video ends.

The City of Hamilton, following repeated Freedom of Information Requests, has released a partial security video of the incident on February 26, 2014 when Councillor Lloyd Ferguson grabbed The Public Record’s Joey Coleman after becoming angry about a vote in the Council Chamber and objecting to The Public Record’s coverage of the Accountability and Transparency Committee
The City only preserved 15 seconds of video.
The video shows the beginning of the incident, but ends during the middle of the altercation. As the video ends, Councillor Ferguson is approaching Coleman a second time and Councillor Farr is moving to intervene.
The video does not show Ferguson’s second physical grab, Farr’s intervention, or Ferguson being removed by other Councillors. Despite there being numerous cameras in the foyer, the City did not preserve video from any of the other cameras.
The day after the incident, Councillor Brad Clark confirmed there were two pushes and a second part to the confrontation.