The Public Works Committee focused on the City’s response to the emerald ash borer bug, received a public delegation requesting a boat ramp at Confederation Park, and spent a great deal of time determining if the City’s tree bylaw can be used to block the installation of Canada Post community mailboxes.
Councillors asked many good questions related to the City’s response to the emerald ash borer. The questions primarily focused on how the City will catch up with planting new trees (
On the agenda today: Update on removal of ash trees due to the emerald ash borer, Confederation Park boat ramp, and routine capital budget lines report.
Live Video starts shortly after 9:30am.

Index: Emerald Ash Borer Tree Removal Update, Confederation Park Boat Ramp, Capital Budget Line Items Overbudget (Attendance Report), Media Coverage, Consented Items
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Emerald Ash Borer Tree Removal Update

The City’s forestry department is working to get ahead of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species insect (good backgrounder from the City of Toronto), which feeds on the bark of ash species.
Trees die after becoming infected and will pose a risk to public safety due to falling branches and rot.
Over a ten year period, 2012-2022, the City is removing all ash species and planting new trees in place of removed trees. As ash species are the predominant species in many areas of the city, this is having a significant impact upon the urban canopy.
A staff presentation states City crews have removed 6,761 trees thus far, with 3,747 stumps removed, and 1,946 replacements planted.

Confederation Park Boat Ramp

There is a public delegation regarding a Confederation Park boat ramp. In 2014, a petition of 232 signatures asked the City to reinstall a boat ramp at Confederation Park.
The March Public Works Committee meeting received a staff report stating a boat ramp would conflict with the planned uses of Confederation Park and conflict with the heavily used recreation trails.
The cost of building a ramp is estimated at $1,350,000 with an annual cost of $162,000 to operate and maintain.
Council voted to not install a boat ramp.
Dave Steeves will speak to Committee as a public delegation.

Capital Budget Lines

The capital budget lines show the majority of projects are on time and close to budget.
Two completed traffic signal installation projects stick out for going significantly over their budgets.
The new traffic signal at Upper Wentworth and Education Court (near Limeridge Mall) went $162,800.82 over its $250,000 budget. The signal at Sirente/Towercrest (Upper Wellington, south of the Linc) went $123,217.58 over its $150,000 budget.


Membership: Merulla (Chair), VanderBeek (Vice-Chair), Collins, Conley, Duvall, Ferguson, Jackson, Pasuta, Pearson, Whitehead.

Coverage by Other Media

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