The Connolly on the Former James Baptist SiteStanton Renaissance – developers of the Council approved condominium at 98 James Street South – have gained conditional site plan approval.
The final step in the City’s formal planning process, conditional site plan approval means the developer can apply for building permits and start construction.
Conditional site plan approvals are very common, granting the developer approvals based upon making changes and tweaks required by various city department such as engineering, water, roads, and conditions from utilities.
The Connolly, as the building is named, is approved for a 30-storey tower with 259 units, two floors commercial, and only 122 parking spaces using a stacker.
The developer is planning a open house on June 13 & 14 at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.
The City is completely the conditional approval list. Once finalized, The Public Record will receive a copy and post.