As CoA is quasi-judicial and involves private residents making presentations about their private homes, I do not record or stream these meetings.
18 Hearings, three of them, I’m watching. (There’s a possible fourth, but I need more information before I officially watch it)
Full Agenda:
85 Paisley Ave. S(Ainslie Wood – Ward 1)
This is an application to convert a single family home to two dwelling units near McMaster University. The applicant, a numbered company, is seeking variances to allow the second dwelling unit to be in the cellar, a minimum floor area of 44.0 metres squared, a ceiling height of 1.8m, and parking variances. The Zoning By-Law does not allow for cellar dwellings, requires a minimum floor area of 65.0 metres squared, and a ceiling height of 2.1m.
These type of applications are always opposed by the neighbourhood association and draw neighbours to the meeting to oppose the variance.
93 Carrick Avenue(Stipley – Ward 3)
The owner of this “existing single family dwelling” is seeking to create a legal duplex. This requires a parking variance for one parking spot, instead of a required two spots, and variance for a 2.5m access driveway instead of 2.8m.
What makes this interesting is that the home is currently a multiple unit rental (Recent rental listing, and a check of the White Pages finds a landline resident listed as living in apartment “3”.
This is the first conversion application of this type since Ward Three councillor Matthew Green took office in December. Will he take a position on the conversion of a non-compliant rental home to a complaint duplex? Will Committee of Adjustment allow it, they’ve taken a hard line against non-complaint rental housing and are often concerned there is no method to ensure the owner converts to a duplex by removing the third or fourth apartment unit.
Residents of Stipley we have come out before the Committee of Adjustment regarding the conversion of single family homes into legal rentals. This one could be an interesting hearing.
187-189 Ottawa Street North(Ward 3 Side)
Erin Dunham, CEO of The Other Bird Inc. (Rapscallion Resto, Black Sheep, and more) is looking to open two restaurants north of Cannon on the east side at 187-189 Ottawa Street North. The 23-seat and 45-seat restaurants each require 12 parking spots under the zoning bylaw. The Other Bird is asking for no parking requirement. With municipal parking plentiful across the street, the parking variance should be granted.
Ward Councillors are not on the Committee of Adjustment (it’s a citizens quasi-judicial body independent of Council) and are not required to make comment to CoA. Councillor Green owns a fitness business on Ottawa Street North.