The owner of 290 Barton Street West, who recently caused interest by moving a sales trailer onto the site in December, is starting the formal planning process with the City.
The developer requested a ‘formal consultation’ with city staff for a proposal to construct “34 stacked townhouses on the west side of the subject lands and a commercial/retail building on the east side of the subject lands”.
In short, the developer must make a proposal to get feedback from City staff (and CN rail in this case as well) about what City staff are prepared to endorse to Council for potential developments on the land.
Due to the unique nature of the site, immediately abutting a rail marshaling yard and containing an environmentally designated slope, it will take months to conduct noise and soil studies.
This means the current proposal is very preliminary, and will be subject to many changes before it returns to the staff-only Development Review Team.
The file for the development, with the current proposal, is available for public viewing on the 5th floor of City Hall.
I’ve reviewed the file and looked at the site plan map. I’m not posting the site plan map as I feel doing so would not serve readers well. The plan is very preliminary, is going to change, and has the potential to cause confusion when future plans are put forth reflecting the feedback of both City staff and CN rail.
I’ll continue to follow this file closely and as soon as there is something substantive to share, I’ll post it.