In the lightest agenda of any Council Committee this cycle, Councillors will vote on renewing the Social Navigation Program as the only debate item.
The annual Veteran’s Committee Presentation is also on the agenda. In consent items, Councillors are being asked to approve the minute of the Youth Advisory Committee which has been unable to make quorum since April, and nearly a year prior to that.
Live video Monday at 1:30pm.

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Hamilton Youth Advisory Committee

Hamilton’s Youth Advisory Committee is in crisis. It hasn’t been able to make quorum since April, wasn’t able to make quorum of almost a year prior to that, is down to a half-dozen members, and some of them believe they should be paid an honorarium for sitting on a volunteer advisory committee.
To add to YAC’s challenges, it is unclear which youth group Council is listening to as it’s official advisory committee.
There is Economic Development’s child, the Hamilton Hive, which has presented to Council in the past year and is significantly better funded. Officially, it is the City endorsed umbrella for youth professionals, but with some age overlap with YAC, it has taken many of the McMaster and Mohawk students who may have sat on YAC.
Mayor Bratina had a separate youth advisory committee, which included the student trustees.
Then there is the matter of if YAC is at the “kiddie table”. They do not meet at City Hall, do not have a member of City Council attending the committee meetings, and there are no member of City management at their meetings.
Instead, they meet in the basement of The Lister Block, almost forgot by all at 71 Main Street West.
Council can vote to receive the minutes package stating YAC hasn’t met, which will have the effect of accepting this status quo. Or, Council create a motion to address the problem.

Social Navigator Renewal

Councillors are being asked by staff to renew the Social Navigator project until June 30, 2017. The program’s annual budget cost from City coffers is $45,000.
The project uses a paramedic, Pat O’Neill, to navigate social service clients to the most appropriate social supports to assist them in overcoming health and social barriers that often result in contact with police.
The project is successfully decreasing the number of criminal offenses and mental health calls for clients of the project.

Veteran’s Committee Annual Presentation

The Veteran’s Committee will make their annual delegation to Council during this meeting.


The committee will need to elect a Chair and Vice-Chair.


Membership: Duvall, Farr, Green, Jackson, A. Johnson, Merulla, Partridge, Whitehead

Coverage by Other Media

Here are links to stories by other journalists at the meeting:

Consented Items

The following items are on the consent agenda or expected to be passed with consent:

  • Minutes of the Youth Advisory Committee since April
  • Minutes of the Seniors Advisory Committee for May and June
  • Minutes of the Hamilton Veterans Committee for August
  • Tenant Advisory Committee 2015 Budget Submission
  • Food and Shelter Advisory Committee 2015 Budget Submission
  • Hamilton Youth Advisory Committee (HYAC) 2015 Budget Submission
  • Hamilton Veterans Committee – 2015 Volunteer Budget Submission
  • Capital Projects’ Status Report as of September 30, 2014
  • Pat DuFour Memorial Hockey Tournament – Ice Rental Fees