Hamilton’s public housing agency, CityHousing Hamilton, is asking Council for a $3,825,538 budget increase for 2015 citing increased cost due to bed bugs and natural gas costs increases.
CityHousing owns 7,100 housing units across Hamilton with 14,139 people living in CH units.
Natural gas costs for CH are up 39% and 15 FTE positions costing $1,108,000 have been created to address bed bugs.
There were over 4000 bed bug complaints this year, and CHH is creating an internal pest control unit to address the challenge of removing beg beg infestations.
CHH’s total 2015 budget forecast is $71,357,222 with 49% of the budget coming from government subsidies.
The budget request will be considered by Council as part of the 2015 Budget Process – likely in February.
Councillors present for the CHH Board meeting were Collins, Duvall, Farr, Green, and Jackson.
Media present were Joey Coleman.