City of Hamilton Planning Director Steve Robichaud says the developer of the James Baptist site will have to remedy damage to the heritage window damaged in this week’s wind storm.
The preservation of the window was one of the requirements of the heritage permit which allowed for the demolition of most of the church.
“A Conservation Plan, including specs on the storage and protection of the retained and salvaged heritage elements, was completed as per Condition (a)(iv) of the Heritage Permit PH2013-058,” states Robichaud.
“Yesterday evening’s wind storm caused damage to the salvaged south transept window that was being stored on site. This will require an appropriate remedy to be developed and approved by the Director of Planning, prior to implementation (as per Condition (a)(iv)(2)).”

Robichaud states the developer’s architect, Drew Hauser, was on site last night.
The full condition of the permit states:

Condition (a)
(iv) A plan for the storage and protection of retained and salvaged heritage elements, including the on- or off-site storage location(s), environmental conditions and security, a schedule of regular inspections and monitoring, and any other protection measures as appropriate. In addition:
If the storage location is to be changed, the new location and address shall be submitted to the satisfaction and approval of staff, prior to the removal of the heritage elements to a new storage facility.
Any unsatisfactory environmental conditions or failures in the security measures shall be reported to Planning staff as soon as they are discovered and appropriate remedies shall be developed and approved by Planning staff prior to implementation, except in emergency situations.
City staff shall be allowed reasonable access to inspect the heritage elements in storage, at any time.

The developers plans for the window were/are to incorporate it as part of the interior design of the public spaces.