Hamilton City Council Capital Projects Work-In-Progress Sub-Committee for September 30, 2016

Council’s Capital Projects Work-In-Progress Sub-Committee meets September 30th to discuss the status of hundreds of Public Works capital projects.
The City does not make agendas for non-standing committees publicly available on the Internet. Apparently, they haven’t discovered the upload button in their Drupal CMS backend.
The members of this committee are: Collins, Conley, B. Johnson, Partridge, Pearson, and the Whitehead.
The meeting begins at 1:30pm in Room 192 at City Hall.

Hamilton Truck Route Sub-Committee for September 2016

Hamilton City Council’s Truck Route Sub-Committee will discuss a staff report responding to a motion to researching ban heavy trucks on Centennial Parkway from Queenston Road to Green Mountain Road, including the mountain access. There is also a motion, not public until the meeting, “respecting farm truck exceptions.”
The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. on September 1, The Public Record will broadcast it live.

Hamilton West Harbour Sub-Committee for August 4, 2016

Hamilton’s West Harbour Sub-Committee receives presentations on the Real Estate Solicitation Process for Pier 8 and the Waterfront Recreation Plan from City staff, and an update from the Hamilton Waterfront Trust on its work on behalf of the City managing the redevelopment of Piers 5, 6, & 7.
Live video starts at 10 a.m.