The Public Record Radio Show For November 23, 2016: Digital Hamilton

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People in this episode:
Joey Coleman
Keanin Loomis
Rob McCann
Chris Moore

This week, we’re joined by Chris Moore, Rob McCann, and Keanin Loomis to discuss the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce’s new Digital Hamilton task force and what’s needed to move Hamilton’s digital economy.
I was surprised by some of the answers from each of the participants – McCann on the City’s sale of fibre optic 10 years ago, and Keanin Loomis on Downtown WiFi.
Chris Moore shared some interesting information on digital demands in other cities, and insight from his experience in government.
I’ll admit, I thought I knew what each participant would say, I was pleasantly surprised and came away from this discussion better informed.
Chris Moore, is the former Chief Information Officer at the City of Edmonton, who now lives in Waterdown and is an independent consultant sought after because of his work in Edmonton as the driving force behind the City of Edmonton’s Open Data and Open Government Strategy. He is chair of the Hamilton Chamber’s digital task force.
Rob McCann, is the Founder and President of Clearcable Networks, headquartered in Flamborough’s Innovation Park. Rob has been working with advanced broadband service deployments in mid-market and rural cable and telephone systems since 1998. Clearcable is one of Canada’s leading content distribution networks for cable television web streaming, and a leader in the Canadian telecommunications industry.
Keanin Loomis needs no introduction, but I’ll give him one anyway. He is president and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, well known in the community for his strong advocacy on issues of importance in building Hamilton’s economy, and being a former Washington D.C. lawyer, he’s fully embraced the Hamilton mandra of getting things done instead of ending talking about maybe doing something.

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