The Public Record Radio Show for December 7, 2016: Municipal Finance Spending and Revenue Generation with Dr. Harry Kitchen

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People in this episode:
Joey Coleman
Dr. Harry Kitchen

I interview Dr. Harry Kitchen of Trent University, one of Canada’s leading experts on municipal government finance and taxation, about his recent paper for the Munk School at University of Toronto’s Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance entitled New Tax Sources for Canada’s Largest Cities: What Are the Options?
His report, co-authored with IMFG Director Enid Slack, looks at how municipalities raise revenue for their services, and offers suggestions on best practices.
In this episode of The Public Record Radio Show, Dr. Kitchen talks with Joey Coleman about connection of municipal spending to revenues, private vs. public goods services, user fees, municipal highway tolls, bicycle licensing fees, and more.
The discussion finishes with how public opinion on municipal tolls has shifted in the past 15 years.

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