The Connolly (James Baptist) Development In Receivership

The Connolly project at 96 James South is in receivership, leaving the fate of what remains of the historic church up in the air, and questions about why the City was so quick to embrace the development after Brantford decided to not do business with him.

Hamilton’s Disability Advisory Committee Members Want Urban Braille LRT Urban Design

Members of ACPD told staff that Unipaving is not an acceptable substitute.

“Urban Braille along the entire corridor is essential,” said member Tim Nolan to reflect “that people with disabilities can be anywhere and everywhere”.

“Unipavers provide zero accessibility, period, zero”, Nolan said. “If were going to substitute urban braille or other kinds of textured accessibility for the sake of unipavers, not a good idea. The are not going to provide any utility”.