COLEMAN: An Independent Auditor General in 2023?

With two years until the 2022 municipal election, citizens groups are forming and the need for an independent Auditor General will likely be an issue as Hamiltonians look to clean up a culture of cover-ups.

Hamilton Arts Awards Being Revamped

Nominations will be simpler for the public to submit to the City. Instead of the “current requirements for extensive information about the nominee’s career”, the new process will ask the nominator “to confirm basic eligibility criteria and provide reasons why they think the artist should be recognized”.

‘WoodGate’ Selected for King William Art Beacon and Gateway

City Hall appointed a jury to review six shortlisted submissions, and the jury selected WoodGate by Team Make.

“Given its size and dramatic lighting, the proposed work will be impactful both day and night and can easily become a local landmark. The proposed seating adds an interactive component not present in some other proposals”, the jury report states.