11 thoughts on “Lime Ridge Mall Plans to Add Two 12-Storey Residential Towers As Start of Redevelopment

  1. Hey Joey, just a heads up the “investor condos” link appears to be broken.

  2. Finally…. They read my mind
    All malls should do this. Retail shopping at your doorstep

  3. Hey Joey, could the city not mandate that the new construction is 20% affordable living? We throw money to these companies and get nothing out of it.

    Our city council is an embarrassment.

    • The City is about to embark on a community benefits study. To be honest, I do not know what percentage, if any, should be included in developments due to the complexity of the finances. Definitely a topic I should try to spend more time diving into.
      I’ll be covering the study as it progresses. Thank you for commenting, sorry I could not give a definitive answer.

  4. Great idea! As us baby boomers age we need places like this where it’s all in one, residential and commercial at your doorstep !
    I miss Sears but nice to see the space is finally being utilized in a productive manner….plans look great from the outside….love the patio idea! Need more patios/cafes on the mountain….
    To bad they didn’t think of this before destroying Centre Mall and Woolco Plaza, box stores are so inconvenient!

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  6. Looks nice but more condos? We keep hearing ad nauseum about the need for affordable housing in this city. Any AH units in this new development? Probably not. This is a city issue that needs to be addressed by The City. There cannot be a solution without a champion at City Hall. Until council and the bureaucratic leadership decide to make AH a requirement, it won’t happen.

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